The construction process doesn't have to be painful and over budget. When looking to hire a contractor, pick one that will give you a true, honest estimate, not one that will lowball the job just to get it and then back-charge you at the end. Give Greg a call today 903-277-7481

Greg knows what he is doing and does an excellent job!

Angie Harmon Cain

One great guy full of integrity and attention to customer satisfaction.

William N Rachel Wyatt

Greg McKay is an upstanding and honest guy! I know him personally and he strives for excellence. He is a fine Christian man that runs a honest business. If you're looking to build a home for your family, give him a call! He won't let you down!

Terri Johnson Hamby

Greg and his lovely wife are my neighbors and dear friends. He would be my first choice in construction for his vast knowledge of the industry and his integrity.

Your home is your largest investment. It's where your loved ones call home. Put your dream home in his capable hands to see your dream to true! Start living the dream today. Give Greg a call to start the journey!

Marla Kemp Roberts

Loved my Greg McKay house! Very easy to work with and top quality all the way!!!

Deana Truss Brophy

I pour all of his houses, he does not cut corners on concrete or dirt work!

Jerry Cain

Glad to see this! Not many builders left that pay attention to what matters in a home. Father and son are the best choice in my opinion

Keith Flowers

Greg has never built anything for me but I know he is a good house builder and a honest person so I would trust him building a house for me.

James Owenby

I love our home Greg McKay built for us,I was very satisfied and he was so easy to work with and without hesitation Bruce and I would recommend Greg highly to anyone wanting to build a forever home.

Kellee Condit