Does Your Home Need an Update?

Does Your Home Need an Update?

We do home additions and remodels in Texarkana, AR and the surrounding areas

If you want to upgrade or add on to your home you need an experienced home remodeling contractor. Greg McKay Construction LLC can handle any type of home renovation project. We’ll do something as simple as installing new kitchen cabinets or as complicated as a full home remodel.

If you want to build a home addition, we can handle the entire project from start to finish. Do you want a simple upgrade? Greg can install new cabinets, trim and flooring.

Call now to discuss your ideas with a capable home remodeling contractor.

3 reasons to hire a home remodeling contractor

There are dozens of reasons to start on a home renovation project. The most popular one is to modernize your house. A remodel can update your home’s:

1. Style: Bring your kitchen into the 21st century.
2. Function: Redesign your home to fit your needs.
3. Safety: Add new, safer appliances and fixtures.

Go to our Gallery to see some of the renovations and home additions we’ve done in Texarkana, AR and the surrounding areas.